Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wildwood Crest, NJ: Two Mile Beach

Wildwood Crest NJ Two Mile Beach (Burnt Umber & Ultramarine Blue limited Palette)

Standing near the dunes at Two Mile Beach National Wildlife Refuge at Wildwood Crest, NJ on a wonderful sunny day. We walked down the board walkway to a deck in the dunes. Our challenge was Plein Air watercolor painting with a two color palette of Burnt Umber and Ultramarine Blue. The sky was remarkably pale against an ocean that was deep blue. The light sandy dunes and dark brown dried plants and yellow grasses provided a shining contrast. The whole exercise was a worthwhile challenge, and a good reminder that simplifying is possible. Give it a try and let's see what you come up with.

Beyond the Turnpike, Parkway and refineries, New Jersey is home to endangered and threatened species of all kinds in wonderful natural areas. Two mile Beach (the Beach part) is closed to humans from April through September so that birds and other creatures on the edge of extinction can continue to live and have babies and possibly make it to the next generation. Visitors can still walk many trails and paint in other areas. There are also plenty of other beaches nearby for the summer fun that humans crave. This arrangement is wonderful because we were closely surrounded by the most amazing array of birds and plants. I was immersed in nature. It was a great day to be an artist in New Jersey.

If you'd like to visit FREE Two Mile Beach you can find directions, parking and details at:

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