Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hamilton Marketplace, Hamilton, NJ: Morning Paper

Morning Paper

This morning the pouring rain and dramatic grey clouds kept me indoors at the coffee shop. Raylie Dunkel organizes the Thursday, NYC Urban Sketchers. This week the idea is to start with continuous line drawings. I decided I'd take the cue from her notice and try a continuous line drawing. It was a first for me. I enjoyed the challenge. I backtracked in a few places (I hope that's OK). Results were quick and satisfying for a first try.

I was given a pack of pens and they resurfaced recently. Today I used the Pilot Varsity MultiPack disposable fountain pens. They make a good steady medium width line in colorful inks. They are a good choice for continuous line drawing in various hues. If you need deep colors, you may want to use something else. The ink is water soluble. The MultiPack has 7 pens in a range of lively colors (pink, purple, green, blue, light blue, and black).

If there are conventions or "rules" for continuous line drawing feel free to let me know and share your art too.

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