Saturday, January 17, 2015

NJ sketcher in Key West

Have not done much painting/sketching in NJ of late but recently did flee the cold for a vacation to the Keys where I had the opportunity to do a few sketches.  Below is a sunset from Smathers Beach (the dark green patches along the shore are all the accumulated sea grass).  The sunsets in Key West are pretty spectacular, especially on the beak or at Sunset Key.    

                                         Watercolor on paper 5.5x12.25

The point where A1A curves back away from the ocean (to run parallel to Duval St) is a place many seabirds gather.  I was able to get nice and close to a pair of sleeping pelicans.  It gave me quite the view (I never knew they had such sharp tips at the end of their beaks).  I also painted the outcropping where other seafaring birds were sleeping (the dark grey shapes).

                             Watercolor and Pen & Ink on paper 5.5x8.5

                                      Watercolor on paper 5.5x8.5

Saturday, January 3, 2015

indoor sketching

does anybody have any suggestions for inside sketching for north jersey?