Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hamilton, NJ: Sayen Gardens Continuous Line Drawing (Part 1)

Hamilton NJ Sayen House and Gardens Continuous Line Drawing

Sayen House and Gardens in Hamilton NJ is in full bloom and bursting with beautiful flowers, shrubs, trees, grounds, house and features. I followed up on Joy Hecht's suggestion for taking a line for a walk through a park or gardens visit. 

Today I drew the highlights my walk through Sayen Gardens as each scene appeared in front of me in one continuous line for the whole walk.  I was able complete this series of five scenes in about an hour and ten minutes, including Sketching, walking walking, and taking photos,

 I didn't have a single piece of paper large enough for the full walk (in my rolling studio), so I used five sheets of Canson XL 140 lb (300g) 9 inch x 12 inch (22,9cm x 30,5cm) Aquarelle Watercolor Paper. 

I made sure to mark the starting and ending point of my line with a drawn arrow, and made sure to align start and end points of the line between each drawing. I can join the finished pieces when I get back to my full studio.

Gate to Gardens - Sayen House and Gardens in Hamilton NJ

Sayen Gardens Path - Example of Continuous Line Connections

Sayen House and Gardens - Continuous line Drawing

Sayen House and Garden Hamilton NJ Continuous Line Drawing

Go to Part two to see more "Taking a line for a walk" in Sayen Gardens.

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