Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lines Down at Miry Run

Lines Down at Miry Run

The lines were down at Miry Run and the street was partly blocked for crews to chainsaw the trees. Morning sketch plans changed instantly to capture the scene of trees vs. lines for phone, cable tv, and power. Before their death sentence was carried out by the chainsaw crews.

I pulled  quick U-turn. It was sunny, air was damp and cool, winds were starting to whip up. I took refuge down the street in the rolling studio (car). 

Today's sketch was done on 9 in x 12 140 lb (300 g) Canson Watercolor Aquarelle Paper. Copic brush pen for trees and roadside barriers and Copic 0.30, and 0.70 for lines that were down. I started with Daler and Rowney Travel 12 watercolors in the rolling studio and shifted to the local cafe for the large washes. 

I was splashing on so many washes the paper soon hit its limits and buckled. (me having too much fun and being impatient.) I had to control the rockin' and rollin' puddling of colors and blooms as best I could by tipping the paper pad as it slowly dried. Who ever said watercolors are easy, just didn't do enough watercolors. I was pleased with catching the moment. 

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  1. I really like the "rockin' and rollin' puddling of colors and blooms", it gives the painting a rainy day feel (even though it was sunny). Well done.