Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Little Falls Biz Fall Festival

I guess every town has events like this. On Sunday I spent the day helping my wife at the Little Falls Biz Fall Festival.  We setup on a walkway by the river.  My wife's  knitting studio - The Knitting Bureau in located in town,

I did this sketch as people were setting up their booths.  It turned out to be a hot day so having shade from a tent was a real help.  We, unfortunately had no tent and instead enjoyed the hot sun.

There was a cool looking antique fire engine in the parking lot that I sketched.  I found out later that the town fire department would is trying to raise money to restore this beauty.  I'm going to offer to donate my sketch if it can help.

This picture shows my wife Susan teaching someone how to do Finger Knitting.  It's a pretty cool technique and I got to watch her instructing people of all ages during the day.

The town is called Little Falls so it's no surprise that there's a view of the water worth sketching.


  1. Nice reportage. So, you're going to teach the NYC Urban Sketchers the finger knitting technique while we are in Times Square?

  2. Pat I'd definitely consider it if you volunteer to teach something as well. And, your list of potential subjects to teach goes a lot deeper than my list.