Thursday, October 2, 2014

My last stop in New Jersey was in May - as is often the case, staying with my good friends in Millburn.  When I'm in the area, I divide my time between their home and my mom's, in the City (no need to mention which City on this blog!).  And I divide my sketching, too. 

So here's the view from my friend's guest bedroom - first the real thing, on a lovely and verdant spring morning:

and here's my version of it, looking stiff and awkward I think: 

I go back and forth to the City a lot.  The train out of Maplewood was late, so I had the time to do this one while I waited on the platform:

That's kind of my usual style, I guess -  untidy skinny lines and color.  I try to do things in other ways - the view out the bedroom window was an attempt not to use ink, just capture detail in color - but I never think much of them.  Maybe someday I'll get to where I can control the style of my work, the way some people can control the accent of their speech, or their image?  It would take a lot of work.

The train finally came, and it's 45 minutes into town at least, so I had time for this one, too:

In the usual style - including the yellow thrown around for highlights!

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  1. Excellent. Love the sketches and enjoyed the description of what you were doing. My only question is - who posted this?